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How to separate things to track and my tasks....

I just listened to your fire inspector podcast and felt a complete connection with it... So I am a military officer in charge of logistics for a brigade (2000 solders and equipment). I have to ensure this brigade is constantly ready for anything. I track their equipment, incoming and outgoing, the maintenance for it all, their monthly requests for sustainment (e.g. food, fuel, etc), and their accounting for it all. I have built OmniFocus using some of your ideas and also the shortcuts you guys have developed to set it up, and it seems to work great for tracking my Brigade steady state items. However, I am trying to use it also for my personal tasks and I feel overwhelmed trying to do it this way. I listened to your podcast about the splitting work and home and bookends and wondered if the fire inspector worked something out. I too have the cross platform issue (Windows at Work, IOS for personal). My Windows is also a government issue computer so I can’t upload anything on it, download, or go to certain websites (e.g. can’t do OmniFocus on the Web). I am hoping to try the Analog thing you mentioned in place of digital apps. Replace OmniFocus with HipsterPDA version, Agenda with the “Army Green Notebook”, Replace Evernote/file app with a Zippered Binder with pocket tabs, and try to use the PARA method on all of this. Sorry, this seems like a dump, and a possible, but bottom line is that how can I setup Analog on this to make this work? I feel like I have so much in my “steady state”, on top of my boss coming in with his “good idea fairy” ideas out of the blue, and then activations for various things from wildfire support to civil unrest. Help! I feel like I am overdoing it with Digital and looking for how to scale it back

Manage new apps and tools

Hi Rose and Scotty! Fan of your work, so keep it going! My question is, obviously as you, I like to try new apps, but my problem is when I try new app I want to know all about it. It can destroy my workflow because I will end up with playing around with an app in several days, which I actually don't have any problem to solve with. For example setapp. Great service, but I use only few utilities from their catalog and feel like I'm not getting value out of this service. So leave them is not so difficult. But at the same time I like to try new apps and it's a lot to explore in their catalog. Do you have any advice how to stick with one app and get work done instead thinking or waste time on another application which have 1 feature you maybe need or maybe this app will take my productivity on another level?

Reference, Project Support, etc

Hey Scotty and Rose, I really enjoyed the two episodes about note taking. I don't have a specific questions right now except: Would you be interested in taking this a bit further into the world of reference tools and work flows? I struggle with having documents all over the place. My work is a big Microsoft (O365) shop, and until a year or so ago, most of my personal digital life has been on a PC but recently I've found myself shifting to Mac (iPhone, iPad, old iMac). Switched to OmniFocus 3, etc (which is great!) Just curious if this might be a good unnested folders topic. Thanks for your great work. Peter

Moving from autonomous/IC to management

I used to have a very autonomous individual contributor dev/dev advocate role and a few months ago moved to management. The switch has proved extremely overwhelming as the nature of the job is now radically different, even though I'm managing the team I used to be on. There are many more meetings, many more admin tasks, and a lot more overall chaos in my schedule. Do you have any advice on how to adapt systems for this kind of change? I'm not sure if Rose has ever made this change, but I know she's also gone between "indie" and "jobby job," which seems similar to experiences Scotty may have had moving to management. Thanks!

How about an "analogue diet"?

Hello Nested Folders Nestlers (or how shall I call you two?)- Thank you for this great podcast! I use GTD for my private and work life and, after some nervous breakdowns related to Todo software not working as I like, have turned to use a fully analogue system for my task lists and project list. I want to do this at least for a little while to stop fiddling with apps and concentrate on "doing" (wow, what a concept ;-) ). I was wondering if you two could entertain the thought to go fully analogue for a while, too? Do you think this is helpful to increase ones focus? Thank you and cheers, all the best, and stay safe! -Sebastian (Neuss, Germany)